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The Practical Fundraiser Intro
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With 22 years of senior executive experience in global diaspora fundraising, Mike Bailey has a unique perspective on what it takes to run a successful international fundraising campaign.

Mike was part of the senior management of the largest diaspora  fundraising organization in the world, which raises over US$ 200 million a year from Jewish communities in 50 countries.


He led fundraising campaigns and professional teams in many countries, conducted thousands of face-to-face solicitation meetings and produced hundreds of fundraising events both local and international.


Mike led strategic fundraising initiatives, created strategies for securing wills and endowments and oversaw the development and execution of hundreds of philanthropic products, including over 100 capital construction projects and the establishment of an impact investing fund.


As part of his marketing and branding work Mike developed and implemented a new international brand and tagline for his organization, created a new strategy for digital marketing and oversaw the production of hundreds of marketing videos for social network platforms.

Mike has extensive experience training volunteers and professionals. He established and ran international fundraising conferences, helped local fundraising organizations develop their strategies and trained over he years more than 400 fundraising professionals in one of the best practical fundraising courses in the world.

FUNDRAISING from both sides of the brain

Some say fundraising is an art, others say it is a science...for me it is a profession.

Based on my many years of experience, I have developed an innovative model to effectively teach the mechanisms of philanthropy and successful fundraising campaigns and how to develop a global diaspora network of support.


It starts with the understanding that today fundraising must appeal to both sides of the brain – the emotional and the rational.

There is no doubt you must have a worthy compelling cause – that appeals to your supporters' emotional motivations.

But that is not enough.

To effectively fundraise today, non-profit organizations must also adopt concepts taken from the profit driven business world such as branding, product, marketing & sales.

My model of training and mentoring provides professionals, board members and volunteers, who are interested in enhancing fundraising strategies and skills and developing a global network, with impactful practical tools to do so with immediate effect.

I will be happy to share my extensive experience and unique insights to help your organizations fundraise with greater impact.  


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The Course

From a one day introduction to a week-long workshop, this course will provide practical knowledge, tools, skills and practice to novice or veteran fundraisers


Helping your professionals and volunteers improve fundraising abilities through specially designed training modules that will be tailor-made to fit you organization's needs 

Reviewing and counseling

Assisting your organization to improve current fundraising methods by reviewing existing fundraising strategies, marketing materials and practices 


Accompanying your organization with the implementation of fundraising workplans through ongoing mentoring of the professional teams


Please conatct me to discuss the needs of your organization and professional team to see how these services can help you fundraise more effectively.

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